Shanga Engineering Works Ltd is a Civil, Construction and Mechanical Engineering company that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality services at competitive prices and within the specified timelines.

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Shanga Engineering Works

P.O. Box 4516 – 506 Nairobi, Kenya
Location: Shanga House – Athi River Road, off Addis Ababa Rd, Industrial Area
Tel: +254 20 553 419 / +254 20 553 419 / +254 20 269 5593/4/5 / +254 20 653 6238
Mobile: +254 733 620 023 / +254 733 620 024 / +254 733 876 989
Fax: +254 20 552 268
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  • Fabrication of S/steel tanks for Dairy and bottling plants.
  • Installation and commissioning of processing tanks.
  • We also provide skilled Tig-welders, Fitters, Laggers & site engineers on hire.
  • Chemical plants Installation & Maintenance.
  • Fabrication of process vessels, pressure vessels & jacketed mixing vessels.
  • Fabrication & Installation of fuel & water tanks.
  • Fabrication of Bitumen containers.
  • S/Steel, M/Steel, galvanized & PVC piping job.
  • Specialized in petroleum and LPG piping.
  • Insulation & cladding of tanks & pipes.
  • Fabrication and repair of canopy for service station.
  • Heat exchanger, Conveyor & Elevator Fabrication.
  • Specialized welding and machinery jobs.
  • Fabrication of Gravity roller conveyor, screw conveyor & belt conveyor.
  • Fabrication & Installation of Chimneys.
  • Fabrication and installation of steam piping.
  • Supply and installation of new boilers and refurbishment.
  • Fabrication of Air Receivers and LPG tank (Bullet Tanks)

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Our Ethos

In Shanga Engineering Works Ltd quality is paramount as we aim at satisfying and even exceeding the client’s expectations.


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Mechanical Works

Mechanical Fabrication & Installation 1

Shanga Engineering Works carries out fabrication projects of all sizes on behalf of its customers, and can fabricate using either mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Civil Works

Shanga Civil and Construction 1

Whilst consolidating and expanding its project contracting market,Shanga Engineering Works is also focusing on developing its diversified business and specialized professional edges.

About Shanga

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Shanga Engineering Works Ltd is a Civil, construction and mechanical engineering company that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality services at competitive prices and within the specified timelines.

Cranes & Low loaders

Cranes & Low loaders

We fit cranes and low loaders which allow us to offer versatility in the plant and general haulage industry and cope with a breadth of size and weight requirements.

S/Steel Jacketed Vessels

S/Steel Jacketed Vessels

Our jacketed and insulated tanks are available in many forms and sizes depending on the client requirements.

Tipper Truck Bodies

S/Steel Jacketed Vessels

Our range of Tipper bodies are the preferred, approved & recommended body builder for all the major chassis manufacturers.

Bucket Elevators

We can design a bucket-on-chain or bucket-on-belt conveyor with all the associate

Skip Loaders


We fit skiploaders that are designed for a very specific task: transporting skips.

Conveyor Belts

Shanga Conveyor Belts

With over 14 years experience in working with all different types of conveyors, we are exceptional at designing, fabricating and installing solutions to move your materials from one area of your operations to another.

Withering Troughs

Shanga Withering Troughs

These devices consisted of one axial flow fan, ducting with air controlling damper and a long tunnel covered with wire mesh.


Shanga Exhausters

We fabricate a wide range of exhausters – engineered for years of reliable performance with very little maintenance.

Fuel Tanks


Fuel tank fabrication and welding.